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- Every Tennessee Buckeye can buy the plate.  You do not have to be an Ohio State Alum.  We estimate that two-thirds of our club supporters, financial and otherwise, are not  grads but have some other strong affiliation with Ohio and the Ohio State University.  We count them all as Buckeyes and want them to also take a lead in signing up additional Buckeyes.

The plate adds $35 per year to your annual registration fee, and $15.38 of that goes directly to Ohio State as scholarship money that is available to all Tennessee high school graduates. .

- If you get more than one tag they will be sequentially numbered

-  ...and you can register any tag on any vehicle - but it has to stay there.

- Ohio State Championship plates are not available for motorcycles

- Yes, you can give the Ohio State Championship license plate as a gift.  When you Sign-Up for the plates, just indicate that some of the Ohio State plates you are ordering will be gifts.  Later, when you pay, we will know to contact you for your gifting details.

- No, you don't have to wait for your current tag to expire to order or to pick-up your new Ohio State license plate.  Sign-Up today.

- For those with Handicapped Driver plates - when you pick up your Ohio State Championship plate, ask for the free Handicapped Driver sticker so that your Ohio State plate works just the same as a Handicapped Driver plate

- In future years, you can renew your Ohio State Champion plate by mail or online just like you do now

General Information:

You cannot order or pay for a personalized plate (SHOE, OSU45,OHST8, etc) during the first 1,000 plates campaign.  Once the Ohio State Championship plate is in production, you
can then order a personalized plate directly from Tennessee Titles and Registration.

If you don't use email, or if you don't make payments on the web, ask a Buckeye friend to register you and to make the payment for you when that time comes.  That will save us many volunteer hours. 

The time-stamp on your actual payment will establish your place in line for your license plate number(s).   The sooner you pay, the lower your plate number.  If you pay for two or more plates, they will be sequentially numbered.
In most Tennessee counties, your annual vehicle registration renewal is roughly $50 or a bit more.  The Ohio State Championship plate will add $35 per year to that.

Timeline and FYI's

Our window to get the plate into production ends July 1, 2019 although other recent license plate campaigns have had to ask for a one year extension(s). 
After we submit the list, the check and the plate design, Tennessee Titles and Registration estimates that it will require four to six months to produce the plate, to do live field tests, to process the payments to your individual accounts, and to mail your plate(s) out to your County Clerk's office

Once the Ohio State plate is in production and available:

1) If you are in the list of 1,000 pre-paid plates - you will receive a postal letter directly from Tennessee Titles and Registration that lists your new plate number with instructions to pick it up at
your county office
Take the letter with you and T&R will have your assigned license plate there waiting for you to bring in your old plate for exchange. 

Even if you were not part of the first 1,000, you can still take your current plate to your county office and exchange it for the Ohio State Championship license plate (you will get next sequential number at that office
).  They will only stock a few extra Ohio State plates for walk-ins, so you might want to call before you go.

3) This is also the time when you can order a personalized plate (SHOE, OSU45,OHST8, URBAN, etc) directly from Titles and Registration.

Pick Up Your License Plate

You will need a current Certificate of Compliance if your county requires Vehicle Emissions Testing.  Your previous certificate is valid for 90 days.

You do not have to wait until your current tag expires to order or to pick-up your new Ohio State Championship license plate.   Even if you renewed your plate yesterday, you need to Sign-Up today and
pay the moment we reach 1,000 Pledges.

Then when the time comes, take your current, recently renewed plate to your county office
for exchange.  You will pay your regular one-year registration fee and get full credit for all unused months on your current tag.  The $35 specialty fee will have already been paid during this Campaign, of course.  Your new Ohio State plate is then good for a full year.  It's that simple.

FYI - Some counties also charge an extra $1 Specialty Plate fee when you pick up your plate.



The license plate is a joint project of the Ohio State Alumni Association and the Middle Tennessee Ohio State Club
The plate design is NOT yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registrations nor by The Ohio State University
The www.capp.org web address will not appear on the production plate

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Last Revised  Jun 19, 2018