The Ohio State University Alumni Club
Of Middle Tennessee

Buckeyes  defeat  Litter
42 - 20
Saturday  October 7, 2017  10:00 AM

Meet at the Capital Bank parking lot in Franklin at Oak Meadow Dr & Royal Oaks Blvd

                        Gloves, bags, vests, grabbers, signs etc are provided
                        We will finish before noon
                        You will have a great time with fellow Buckeyes


Fellow Buckeyes ,

Pictured below are some of the Middle Tennessee Buckeyes who, since 1992,  have met in Franklin to gather the litter on Royal Oaks Blvd.  We do this several times per year as a community service project in cooperation with the Williamson County Recycling Center.

It only takes an hour or so and we have a fun time with a great Buckeye crowd including several newcomers to the team each time.  As usual, passer-byes honk and wave.  Maybe they can help us next time.

Club coordinator Gary Cooper always has things well organized with all the necessary supplies, bags, and signs we needed.  You should contact him at  to get on the list for next time.  Come help us even if you don't signup ahead of time.

Don't be shy.  It's a great way to meet fellow Buckeyes.  C'mon - Get your picture on this page

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