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Statewide Marketing Plan

Step 1  Sign-Up & Commit - Convince EVERY Tennessee Buckeye (grad or not) to Sign-Up and take personal responsibility for getting this Ohio State Championship License Plate sold and into production.  Pre-selling 1,000 plates is going to be a real stretch for Tennessee Buckeyes and simply will not happen if you don't join in the effort.

This is our one and only chance to have an Ohio State plate in Tennessee - each plate sold or renewed sends $15.38 to The Ohio State University Foundation as scholarship money  for kids from Tennessee.  Each of us must take action, and persuade others to join in.

Step 2  E-mail - This Campaign must first establish Email Contact with EVERY Ohio State Club & Game Watch Group in Tennessee.  During the Campaign, we will need to send some short-fuse notices to all Buckeyes.  We will need for your group's email person to relay those messages immediately to your entire group.

Your task -- If your Club or Game Watch group maintains an email list, have that person contact Sam Huffman with your game watch location and address, and the approximate number of emails on your e-list. 

If your group doesn't have an email list, you need to start one at your next gathering, and add to that list at every game watch, and keep it going at least through the license plate Campaign.

The Ohio State Alumni Association will do an E-blast for us promoting the plate to their Tennessee Buckeyes e-list

Step 3  Advertise - Get at least 3,000 of this rear-window poster into all Buckeye vehicles state-wide

Remember - your mission is not to pass out rear-window posters at game watches, or to leave a stack on the back table - NOOOO - your mission is to get the rear-window posters into Buckeye rear windows   OH-

Your task -- Take a stack of posters (card stock if you have it) and a roll of tape to every game watch.  Grab people to help you in the parking lot.  Take charge.  Don't be shy.  Tape the four corners, hold it up, and ask every arriving Buckeye to put the poster in their vehicle..... or to have you do it for them.  Be pleasantly aggressive.  Do this every week.  Wear a funny hat.  Be the crazy Buckeye in the parking lot each week until we get this Ohio State plate into production.   Send us a picture of your crazy Buckeye in action for this page.

Keep posters and tape in your vehicle
.  During your daily life activities when folks comment on your fantastic Ohio State poster, offer to put one in their car on the spot - and then do it.  

Ask the poster-Buckeyes to always park close to the store entrance, or close to the buggy corral at the supermarketPlace the poster on public bulletin boards, if permitted, and to social media.  Email the poster to your elist and ask them to display it. 

They say: "I don't need a window poster.  I'm not going to buy a plate".  You say: "We're not asking you to buy a plate, we're asking you to help us sell the plate to the guy behind you in traffic.  It's an easy thing to do and it costs you nothing.  We need your Buckeye help to make that sale."

Step 4  Sign-Up  Help us Sign-Up Buckeye Pledges for 1,000 Ohio State license plates We don't dare begin collecting money until we are certain that 1,000 plates will be purchased.

Your task --  Take your laptop to every game watch and sign up Buckeye Pledges on the spot.  Print this wall poster for above your Sign-Up station.  Don't assume somebody else is going to do this.  Bring your laptop, for Woody's sake.  Have multiple Sign-Up stations every week.   Send us a picture of your Sign-Up station in action at your game watch. We are counting on you

Remind folks who sign-up that they are promising to buy the Ohio State plate(s) when the time comes.  The on-line Sign-Up Form asks for one of their current license plate numbers, so you need to bring pens & paper to the game watch so they can go to the parking lot to write it down.

Bring your laptop and pen & paper to the game watches every week until we reach 1,000 Pledges.  OH-

Step 5 (Pay - This page will go live when needed) Actually pre-sell 1,000 Ohio State Championship plates.  This will be done online with credit cards / debit cards only.

An e-mail notice will go to all Buckeyes who have Signed-Up when it is time to pay.  It will Publish an exact Date & Time CST that the payment window will open.  Sometime after the window opens, the Payment-Window-now-open notice will go statewide through the email network.

Then take your laptop to every game watch and solicit Buckeye Payments on the spot.  Anyone can buy a plate - whether or not they did the Sign-Up Step.  If some Buckeyes don't use credit cards, have them give you $35 cash and you pay to order their plate.

The license plate is a joint project of the Ohio State Alumni Association and the Middle Tennessee Ohio State Club
The plate design is NOT yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registrations nor by The Ohio State University
The www.capp.org web address will not appear on the production plate

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