The Ohio State Club
Of Middle Tennessee     


We are proud to be members of The Ohio State Club of Middle Tennessee, and invite you to join us. You may be an OSU graduate, have a graduate in the family, a past or prospective OSU student, or a loyal Buckeye fan who just wants to join our Club.  All Buckeye supporters are more than welcome to come be part of the group.  Many of our stalwarts and financial supporters are not grads but have some strong affiliation with Ohio State and consider the Buckeyes their team, and The Ohio State University their school, and the Middle Tennessee Club their home away from home where they can join with other Buckeyes in cheering-on the team.  We want you to come be part of the Ohio State crowd whether you decide to be a dues-paying member of not..  We would like for you to help us financially if you can, but we still want you to come cheer with us at all events.

There is one must-have qualification to become a member -- you must be able to correctly spell O-H-I-O very loudly -- or at least half of it.  And be aware, there is an oral pop-quiz every week.  Other than that, Club Membership is an easy Ace.

As a member, you will receive invitations to all Ohio State Club Activities and meet lots of new people.  You will also receive e-mail reminders of game times and reports on our local Buckeye events and game-watches.  You will also be offered football tickets from time to time that the holders can't use.  And dues-paying members can ask the Club to help sell the tickets they can't use themselves. The Club also organizes a group (20-50) ticket purchase from the University for one game each fall.  We all sit together.  To be included, you must be a dues-paying Club member and an Alumni Association member.

Your membership dues help us cover the annual printing & postage for the Buckeye Battle Cry newsletter and other Club mailings to promote the Club and to encourage Club participation and membership.  However, the biggest part of your dues payment each year is sent directly to our Scholarship Funds at Ohio State - along with 100% of your scholarship donations.

Your dues donation and scholarship donations are tax deductible.  The Middle Tennessee Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations to the club are tax deductible.

Our 2017 Membership Campaign is now underway.  At each gamewatch, we have a notebook on the back table with your dues status and current email address.  Please check and update that information to make certain we all can stay in touch with each other.

We encourage you to also become a member of  the Ohio State University Alumni Association in Columbus.   With the Alumni Magazine and special mailings and web site, they will keep you abreast of all goings-on at the University.  The Alumni Association also has other support programs for its members.

           To join the Middle Tennessee club:

1)    print this page or this form and send it to us with a check.


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