Ohio State Championship License Plate

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Sign Up Page      We need 1,000 - we can't do it without YOU - Tell other Buckeyes

-  When you Sign-Up, you are making a Buckeye Pledge to buy the $35 Ohio State Championship license plate when the time comes. 
-  Each plate sold or renewed will send $15.38 to Ohio State as scholarship money for Tennessee kids
-  You don't need to tell us the type of plates or what you want on it - just the total number of plates you intend to buy.
-  You will need to enter one of your current license plate numbers

        PC or I-Phone    2 minutes to complete
After you Sign-Up, you will receive a 'Sign-Up successful' message and later a confirming email in your Inbox.

The license plate is a joint project of the Ohio State Alumni Association and the Middle Tennessee Ohio State Club
The plate design is NOT yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registrations nor by The Ohio State University
The www.capp.org web address will not appear on the production plate

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Last Revised  July 25, 2016