OHIO STATE Championship License Plate Campaign

GREAT NEWS -- We have commitments for 1,000 Ohio State plates.  
It's time for all Tennessee Buckeyes to pay for their new plate

We need to collect 1,000 plate payments before design and production can begin.  If we can get all of the Buckeyes who registered for the plate (plus a few friends) to quickly pay, we may have the plate approved, road tested and on our vehicles during the 2019 season.  That production phase will take roughly 3-4 months.  You will have one year to pick up your plate at your county office.

So You'll Know

The Club will deliver a single $35,000 check to Tennessee Titles and Registration, along with a N/A list of the Buckeyes who prepaid for an Ohio State license plate.  Your payment will be credited to your individual account at T&R.

A few months will be required for the Ohio State plate to be designed, road tested and produced.  When all is ready, your plate(s) will be shipped to your County office.  You will then receive a T&R letter(s) with your plate number(s).  Keep the letter(s).

You will then have one year to pick up your Ohio State plate at your county office any work day your county is open.  No paperwork beyond the letter(s) is required.  You can register any of your plates to any of your vehicles.

If you turn in your current plate with your letter, you will receive full credit for the unused months.

You will then pay your county's one-year registration fee, less your turn-in credit.  The $35 specialty fee is already in your T&R account. Your OHIO STATE plate is then good for one year.  There might be some standard state & county fees.

How the funds are used

Your $35 is divided $15.38 for The Ohio State University, the rest for the State of Tennessee.  

Tennessee Titles and Registration will make quarterly payments directly to the Tennessee License Plate Scholarship Fund at the University.  Ohio State AA will have to apportion the funds for the Clubs to then award to student accounts - probably based on plate census by counties (not yet specified).  Some Clubs do not have a Scholarship program.  The Ohio State University always reserves the right to administer some/all of the scholarship funds for Tennessee students.