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Free Money For Ohio $tate $cholarships

Did you know that when you buy things at Amazon, they will donate .5% of your purchase amount to the Middle Tennessee Club for scholarships?  

With more and more busy people using Amazon to buy everything from groceries to school supplies and yard equipment, this can be a significant way for you and your Amazon-immersed friends to aid Tennessee kids at Ohio State.

It is very easy to make this happen.  Just log on to smile.amazon.com using your regular Amazon ID and password (do it now).  The first time there, select  Ohio State Alumni Club of Middle Tennessee  from the Charity list.  Once you select it, it stays selected.

From then on, always log on at smile.amazon.com and all of your future purchases will be fully credited to the Middle Tennessee Club.

It’s that simple, and they will send us a Free-Money check every quarter for our Scholarship Funds.

Thank you all and OH-

Last Revised  Dec 8, 2016