OHIO STATE Championship License Plate Campaign

GREAT NEWS -- We have commitments for 1,000 Ohio State plates.  
It's time for all Tennessee Buckeyes to pay for their new plate

This plate design is for marketing purposes only, and not approved by Tennessee Titles and Registration or by The Ohio State University

Great News for Tennessee Buckeyes - It's Time to pay for your OHIO STATE License Plates

Important Notice:
 Some of the Mail Chip e-blasts to plate Registrants and purchasers seem to have evaporated on their way to you.  We suspect they were diverted to your Spam or Trash folders.  Please check those folders, and be sure to add osuplate@gmail.com to your address book.  We will be emailing you frequently with updates.

You can prepay your Ohio State license plate specialty fee here

We need to collect 1,000 specialty plate payments of $35 before design and production can begin.  If we can get all of the Buckeyes who registered for the plate (plus a few of your friends) to quickly pay, we may have the plate approved, road tested and on our vehicles during the 2019 seasonHow great would that be ???

How We're Doing

As of noon May 7 (24 hours on the job), we have sold 163 plates.  This is only 21% of the 764 Buckeyes who registered.  This may be because of the diverted or lost Mail Chimp e-mails.  We are counting on you to relay our emails to your Buckeye friends - by email or Facebook or ??  We will continue the barrage of reminders and updates

Also, we also have a consortium of Buckeye stalwarts who are willing to fund up to 300 prepaid plates so we can get a quick start on having the plate this fall.  We will continue to sell these Consortium Plates during the first year at osutn.net to recover their funds.  If you can be part of the Consortium, contact Sam Huffman 615-480-9539

Here's the payment guidelines

All payments will be online only.  The timestamp on your actual payment will establish your sequence in the assignment of plate numbers (0001 to 1000).  The earlier you pay, the lower your number(s).  Don't do online purchases?  Pay a friend to order a plate for you.

More importantly, after the Tennessee Titles & Registration Dept "officially releases" the OHIO STATE plate to the public, you will be able to place an online order (we will show you how) directly with T&R for a personalized plate - URBAN, SHOE, OVAL, VEST, OSU91 etc.  Your plate sequence number will be the tie-breaker for duplicate requests.  

The OHIO STATE plate will add $35 to your annual renewal fee.  A personalized plate adds another $35 to your annual fee.


The Nashville Alumni Club is leading this project, but all Tennessee Buckeyes, alumni or not, are invited and encouraged to buy the OHIO STATE plate.  Remember, all future Ohio State students from Tennessee will benefit.  We need for you to help us by acting today.

The new license plate gives you a convenient and simple way to regularly contribute directly to a Scholarship Fund at Ohio State.

That Fund is for the exclusive benefit of Ohio State students from Tennessee.  We project that once the OHIO STATE plate is well established on the road, it will annually generate $30,000+ in scholarship funds.

The plate is also a public statement of your eternal pride in the University and its programs.

The Buckeye Goal

Every plate sold or renewed in the coming years will send another $15.38 directly to the Tennessee License Plate Scholarship Fund at the University.  This scholarship money is available to all Tennessee High School graduates entering Ohio State.

Spread the word to all your Buckeye friends about this project. We need them too.

Nashville Club License Plate Team -- GO BUCKS !!

The license plate is a joint project of the Ohio State Alumni Association and the Nashville Tennessee Ohio State Club
The plate design is NOT yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registrations nor by The Ohio State University

Last Revised  May 7, 2019