2015 Ohio State Championship License Plate Campaign
Progress to Date

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Progress2Date – As of June 1, we have about 700 of the needed 1,000 pledges for the plate.  We have until July 1, 2019 to reach 1,000.  

The challenge continues to be in reaching those Tennessee Buckeyes who have not yet learned about the License Plate Campaign.  We need your assistance to get the word out to them

How you can help

1 - Print and display the window poster in your vehicles. B&W works just fine

2 - Display a window/bumber sticker on your vehicle.  If you send a #10 SASE to:

   Bunper Sticker
   8212 Wikle Rd E
   Brentwood, TN  37027    we will send you a bumper sticker while supplies last

3 - Tell your friends to sign up for the plate today

4 - Convince just one more Buckeye to sign up  <--------


There are three large e-mail lists for Buckeyes in Tennessee that we need to reach:

            Middle Tennessee Club                             700+ emails

            Memphis Club                                              500+ emails

            Alumni Association                                  4,400 emails

Just as importantly, the Middle Tennessee Club estimates that for every Alum in the club, we have 2 other Buckeyes who are loyal Ohio State supporters because they have some strong affinity with the University – or have a grad in the family, or grew up in Ohio, or their family has always been Buckeye fans, or they lived in Columbus, or they worked for the University etc.  The bumper sticker and window poster are an important way to reach these Tennessee Buckeyes who are not on one of those three email lists. 

AND, the displayed bumper sticker is also a reminder for those who are on the e-mail lists but haven't signed up - always intended to, but put it off.  Please display the bumper sticker – it's an important and constant reminder to all Buckeyes that they need to sign up.

We are counting on you to help us.


 The Production plate will display the web site osutn.net in place of capp.org – that one-page web site will explain to the car behind  you how they can go get their own Ohio State license plate today at their county office

It will also have links to the Alumni Association and  to the other Tennessee Ohio State Clubs.



NOTE: The plate design above  is NOT yet approved by Tennessee Titles and Registrations nor by The Ohio State  University.  This may not be the final license plate design, but it serves as a working example for our promotional campaign.

Last Revised  Jun19, 2018